Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Minigun's announcement on TL Blog "Getting Life Back on Track"

Minigun starts his latest blog post with:
"So I've been playing starcraft for the last three years. And it's been a rough three years for me personally. Actually the last 10 have been pretty rough, some to my own thanks, but some completely out of my control."

Really recommend reading the rest of it, and the comments at

<333 Chad

You can learn more about Minigun at

I'll admit I am biased,  I am a Minigun Fan, and like others have commented, I was also a big fan of Guns N Broaches (Minigun and Destiny team name when they played 2v2 for a while).

Also, I am a Mod of Minigun, which certainly prevents me from being completely objective.

You can see all my previous posts about Minigun by clicking on either of these Labels ColMinigun  or Minigun.

There is a lot of overlap between those two labels, because for a while I was using both when I posted about him.

You can find other Labels in the Label cloud at left side of my blog, or at bottom left of any post.

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