Thursday, March 22, 2012

WhiteRa vs Goswser

WhiteRa vs Goswser cast by HuskyStarcraft

A couple of my comments with Spoilers below the VOD

Special Tactics.

I am not sure if I would call this cheese or not.  Part of the problem is what does Cheese mean?

I usually consider something Cheese in SC2 if it is an all in, the is an auto lose if it is scouted or defended properly.

So a Cannon rush isn't always Cheese the way I look at it, because you can use a Cannon Rush or Harass as part of a Forge Fast Expand (FFE), in which case it is clearly not cheese IMO, because your using it to cover your early expo at your Natural.

But if you do a 1 Base all in Cannon Rush I would call that Cheese.

Without some testing, I am not sure if a Forge Fast Expand into Carriers vs Zerg is an auto lose if scouted and defended correctly buy Zerg.

Because if the Carriers stay on defense behind Cannon with a little Sentry, for Guardian Shield, or Stalker support they should be strong vs anything from Zerg that was not all inish from Zerg.

Something I will Test, I know Carrier Colossus is a strong combo, though Protoss would need something to deal with the Corrupters from Zerg then.

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