Saturday, March 24, 2012

PSA: Highspeed Face Recognition

New very high speed face recognition from, Hitachi Kokusai Electric, company link here.

Full story at Dig Info TV
Surveillance Camera System Searches Through 36 Million Faces In One Second

This seems scary to me from the privacy aspect, specially when you realize that this technology probably can be used with Spy satellites, planes, and RPV.

 It is one thing to know your on surveillance cameras on occasion during the day, but a much different issue IMO when they can track everything you do, this seems to me to be far to easy to be abused.

If one political group for instance, gains enough power to control such a system, it would provide them with an easy way to track and disrupt competing political parties.

I think one of the strengths of democratic government is that it tends to be weak government, compared to more authoritarian forms of government, so democratic governments do less harm when they do wrong.

On the positive side, I would like this as a security/password application for my laptop, tablet, and Blackberry though, if the software side of it was secure.

No more needing to remember passwords, or needing to change passwords all the time.

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