Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nerd News: Korean Scene preparing for Brood War Switch

CSN's latest Blog post in case you missed it,
It's a question that has been looming over the StarCraft 2 scene for as long as the game has existed: Are the Brood War players coming?
Of course, it isn't just the players that we should be expecting; KeSPA, OGN, and the Brood War teams are all well established organizations that could have a significant impact on StarCraft 2 in Korea and abroad. Many have predicted what might happen if top tier Brood War players switched to the sequel en masse, such as in TeamLiquid's well known "Elephant In the Room" article. However, teams, players, and organizations have also begun to discuss what a switch might mean for them.
In an interview with ThisIsGame translated on TeamLiquid, Coach Won from StarTale, Mr. Chae from GOMTV, and Lim Jae Duk (IMNestea) discussed the likely switch of Brood War teams.

Click for the rest of Korean Scene preparing for Brood War Switch, by csn_jorge.

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