Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HSM Easter 2012: Boyostarcraft

Boyostarcraft is in the Holiday Show Match (HSM) Easter 2012, click link for more information on the showmatch, but this Blog post is about Boyo.

Boyostarcraft is a top level GM NA Protoss player, he is a member of Team Epidemic, formally eP (Eternal Plague), though not widely know among fans yet, he is certainly known to many of the Pro Gamers.

I have seen him on Thundertoss' Top 200 KOTH a few times.  Thunders' Top 200 is a King of the Hill format for Top 200 GM's.

Lately, Boyo has been practicing with Team EG (Evil Geniuses), he practiced with Desrow before Desrow went to Korea.

More on Boyo:

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