Saturday, March 24, 2012

Morrow vs Hasuobs

I am definitely on a Morrow kick right now, so here is another Morrow game.

Morrow vs HasuObs, practice game from Red Bull LAN Orlando, cast by djWheat & Day9

A comment with spoiler below VOD

I am really liking Morrow's recent play.

I am big fan of Nydus play, part of the reason I like players like Morrow, Violet, & Zinger, is because they use Nydus play in a sophisticated, thoughtful fashion, not always just trying to sneak a Nydus into the enemy's base.

Morrow really shows that he is thinking about what he is doing with the Nydus in this game, he actually cancels his Nydus in this game to have more resources to defend the big push by HasuObs.

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