Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nerd News: Forbes on Android & iPhone Hacking

Some of my Nerd friends like to make fun of my Blackberry, they think I don't understand how Android is a better phone for Computer Geeks.  A few will argue for iPhone.

I'll admit the Apple Eco system has far more games, and other Apps, so I am looking at an iPod Touch for fun & games, while I keep important information on my Blackberry.

I think Android fans should read this article, and think about all the security issues with Android apps.

If you still want to use Android, that is fine with me, I just want you to be fully informed!

From Forbes,
Set your iPhone to require a four-digit passcode, and it may keep your private information safe from the prying eyes of the taxi driver whose cab you forget it in. But if law enforcement is determined to see the data you’ve stored on your smartphone, those four digits will slow down the process of accessing it by less than two minutes.

They also had this VOD embedded:

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