Wednesday, November 9, 2011

z33k 2v2 Masters Weekly Wed 8:00pm/20:00 EST

Come join the awesomest Stream Chat in SC2!  With good games and good Casters!  Ayesee & Redmagejr are the main casters, unless they are on the road for events like MLG.

Ayesee makes sure you know they appreciate every single one of their viewers.

Ayesee does shoutout for every single viewer.

So stop by say "Hi", tell them Cliff said to check them out! 

I am there in Chat every time, unless my Net provider Trolls me or something like that. 

Info below from Z33k/It's Gosu: is proud to present the 2v2 Masters Weekly series! In partnership with Complexity Gaming and Origin PC we will be bringing you a $50 prize pool for Masters level 2v2 teams every week! With the new ladder maps in play prepare for some epic 2v2 games.

Stream: It's GoSu

Broadcast starts - Wed, Nov 09 at 1700 PST/2000 EST

The tournament will be a single elimination bracket. Only the RO8 and beyond will be streamed.

First place wins $50 every week.

Tune in for some high level 2v2 action!


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