Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Platinum Battlefield cocast Pyromancer & Kavik Sat, 11/12/11 at 4:15 PM / 16:15 EST

[Edited 11/12/11]

Kavik will be joining Pyromancer as co caster for this event, this will be Kavik's debut cast I believe.

Check out my friends cast this coming Saturday.

These Casters are just getting started with casting, but they have been involved in Esports for some time.

Kavik on ColCatz's stream and Pyromancer has been part of  Z33K.

You may have seen either or both of them working as Mods.

They are casting the Platinum Battlefield at 4:15 PM EST!!

More information here
[link fixed]

GL HF guys!

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