Saturday, November 5, 2011

WhiteRa vs Sheth Bo9 Showmatch! at 20:00 EDT tonight

IPL Fight Club 1 - WhiteRa vs. Sheth

When:  Sat 20:00 EDT/ 17:00 PDT

IPL Fight Club is a weekly best of 9 showmatch series where each week a player can earn $500 and have a $100 bounty placed on their head. Our first ever showdown is between Liquid`Sheth, the Manner Zerg, and WhiteRa, the Special Tactics Master of Manner. It will be a manner duel for the ages, and the winner will return to face a new challenger next week! Cast by our IGN eSports in-house casting team of HDStarCraft, PainUser, and CatsPajamas!


Thread: [IPL] Fight Club 1: WhiteRa vs. Sheth

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