Thursday, November 10, 2011

PSA: Steam Accounts Hacked, watch your CC transactions!

I don't like posting stuff without primary sources, but I can't find a link to direct post from Valve CEO Gabe Newell that the links below are citing.  If anyone has that please post it or tweet me.

Short version is Forums on Steam were hacked, and the Hackers also had Access to email, credit card data, and etc.  But they don't know if the file was taken, or if it was if the Hackers would be able to break the encryption.

I have ars link because I know them, and they are pretty good news source for stuff.  Kotaku is new to me, but they look legit.  Just not 100% positive yet about Kotaku.

Kotaku spells out how to change Steam Passwork and such if you have questions.

This seems to be most detailed information I can find

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