Sunday, November 6, 2011


Totalbiscuit and Apollo are casting this event, I like Totalbiscuit & Apollo a lot as a casting Team, I like them better even than Artosis & Tasteless.

I like Ayesee & Redmage, Ascend & Thundertoss (those two casting teams are excellent, Ayesee & Redmage are funnier most of the time, while Thundertoss and Ascend have a bit deeper understanding of the game IMO), Totalbiscuit & Apollo, then Artosis & Tastless.

Now this is just my personal preference, I prefer knowledge Casters over shoutcasters, but I like funny as well.  I think Apollo and Totalbicuit balance Shoutcasting and knowledge casting very well. 

I think my sense of humor is closer to Ayesee & Redmage though.  While Tastosis try to hard to be funny for my tastes at times.  Though from what Day9 and others have said they are even funnier in person.  Maybe they are trying to hard to be respectable on camera?

All of those Casting Teams are good though, if your not familiar with one of them check them out.  All of them  can be found on my blog either on right for Stream & VOD links or on the left for Twitter.

For Tasteless and Artosis stream check out

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