Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tt.WhiteRa Vs EmpireMista Showmatch

[Update: Showmatch will be delayed about an hour, see stream for more info]

WhiteRa vs Mista Roccat HSL Show Match

Best of 9

Event Time: 02:00 KST/Sun 19:00 CEST/Sun 13:00 EDT/Sun 10:00 PDT

Where : On Hellenic Starcraft2 League
Date: Sunday May 13th
Time: 20:00pm UTC/GMT +3 hours | Eastern European Summer Time
Prizes: 1st - 150 €
Casters: HSLTV | PlayhemTV | EmpireTV
Streams: HSL TV (Greek), PlayhemTV (English)

Mista is a strong player, though perhaps not well known outside of the EU yet, he won at least one Rundown (weekly event sponsored by my friends at CSN).

Brackets from that Rundown

In Mista's first Rundown, Rundown #7 IIRC,  he faced Destiny.

 Game 1 Destiny vs Mista in a Bo3 in VOD below

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