Thursday, May 24, 2012

Diablo 3 Account Security & Hacking compared to Online Banking Hacks

I have seen lot of people posting about getting their accounts hacked, and some people want to blame Blizzard.

I have been focusing on Computer Security issues with all the time & energy I can since late last year, when someone managed to hack my Credit Card.

I have learned a lot since then about computer security, though I feel I am a long way from being an expert, I have certainly learned some important things.

One of those things is that Malware and/or weak passwords are almost always the problem.

Here is a story about small business losing lots of money because of this, if you read the story you will see how it matches exactly with what people are experiencing with D3.

The author of that article has had lots of small business owners contact him because of his story asking what they should do, he recommends Live CD's, which is similar to VM but runs from CD/DVD.

There are also Live USB's.

The point of using these is that most Malware isn't designed to run on Linux, and the Live CD runs separated from the computer in many ways.

Bear in mind many of these people that Brian Krebs talks about lost $100k or more in money!  So they were and are taking this very seriously, and more than a couple were using two factor authentication, lot of banks require than for customers that have large amounts of money.

But with malware on your computer, they can block or delay your log in and use the authentication that you enter to log in.

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Hope that helps.

I really do know what it is like to have stuff hacked, been there done that, don't want it to happen again, but it might no matter what I do.  T_T

Stay Safe,


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