Thursday, May 31, 2012

More D3 Account Security

I am still following Diablo 3 accounts getting hacked.

See this useful post on Bnet

Some other tidbits:
  • You can get phished from friends Twitter messages, see
  • don't use same password on more than one site
  • use at least one number and one symbol (ie "#$%")[should use upper and lower case letters but Blizz may ignore that]
  • longer is better ^_^ But not if it is words or something from Hackers dictionary (ie 123456789)
  • don't put number or symbol at beginning or end of password, that is what most people do, and password hacking software takes advantage of that
  • Dictionary words for passwords =/= OED or Websters Dictionary; rather it means a Hackers dictionary!  See below.

Don't use a password that can be found on a list like these (warning some Mature language):

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