Monday, May 7, 2012

Computer Security: Staying on top of Hacks, Exploits, and Vulnerabilities

Though Computer Security is multi faceted, one important aspect is knowing about new problems, so you can find and implement work arounds or temporary fixes until the weakness is patched.

Sometimes no security patch or updates will be issued, or they may not be released for months  [Cough Mac, Flash, Cough].

Sometimes there are technical reasons for those delays, and sometimes other reasons, doesn't really matter to us, still have to deal with the problem.

I follow several blogs & podcasts to stay on top of issues.

One of my favorites, a weekly podcast, is the Security Now podcast I have mentioned before, I am not a hard core computer nerd, but this podcast provides good enough explanations of security issues, without dumbing down, that I can keep improving my knowledge base on the topic.

For daily, or as it happens, updates I follow several blogs, here is a partial list, I would welcome suggestions for more to follow,

Stay Safe,


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