Friday, May 11, 2012

TLO PLaylist

I don't know how current these are, I will add more as I find them, feel free to post comments with links to newer TLO playlists or ones I have missed.

Adrenaline by Dario W√ľnsch


You can look at this TL thread for more info as well

To see list of all Pro Gamers Playlists I have posted click playlist, that link can be found at bottom left of this post, and in the Label cloud at left side of Blog.

I have not figured out a good way to have cross reference search engine in the blog itself yet (google widget for Blog doesn't work as good as main Google?!?), but my blog is well crawled by Google so you can cut and past Cliff's Esports Corner Playlist in Google.  Then add WhiteRa, Catz, Stephano, Drewbie, TLO, etc to get a list of Playlists I have posted of that specific player.



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