Sunday, May 13, 2012

Starcraft 2 Thoughts: Value of Spines, Spores, & Many Macro Hatches

Thanks to Stephano, many more Zerg are starting to use Spines as part of their build, something I have suggested for a long time, Spines are far more useful than banking thousands of minerals IMO.

I do wish, specifically against Protoss that Zerg would make more Spores, they do a lot to deny Protoss free map hacks via Observers!!!

I think 1 or 2 Spores for every clump of Spines is good.

Another Key point to consider for late game Zerg, is to make more Macro Hatches, specially forward ones like Stephano has toyed with, if you use them to make units, a Hatch with no injection will produce ~4 Larva a minute (ie 1 every 15 seconds).

So 3 Hatches will cost 900 Minerals and without Injects will produce 12 Larva/minute vs 2 Hatches + 2 Queens that cost 900 Minerals and with Injects will provide ~12 Larva a minute.

So if you make more Macro hatches you will have more Larva after big fights when you miss injects, plus if you have 2-3 hatches near each Queen, if you miss Injects, the Queen can burn her extra energy by injecting all the Hatches next to her.

Additionally the Hatch provides some supply, and has a lot more HP than either Ovie or Queen, and counts as a building for base races.

Food for though.



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