Thursday, May 17, 2012

ChanmanV's Pro Corner: col.Goswser and Fitzy - ZvT

 I'm watching ChanmanV's Pro Corner, I am a fan of his shows, and  big fan of Goswser!


Show Description:
This episode of Pro Corner we have zergs col.Goswser and Fitzy on to discuss ZvT. They will be doing a dual coaching format where each player will take turns walking us through a live game while the other "looks over their shoulder" with comments and critiques. The last 15-20 mins will be saved for view Q&A where you guys can ask col.Goswser and Fitzy any of your questions via skype call in or stream chat. These 2 guys are alot of fun so don't miss out!

When: 12:00 KST/05:00 CEST/Thu 23:00 EDT/Thu 20:00 PDT

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