Monday, June 4, 2012

Starcraft 2 Thoughts: Late Game TvZ

GL.Snute(Z) v Empire.Happy(T) - Shakuras Plateau - 6.3.2011 cast by Ipp from RageQuitTV

Late game play from Terran & Zerg, my comments, with spoilers below the VOD.

Very interesting, seemed to me like both players were playing for the late game.

I am going to focus on Terran's play in this game, I do coach for all three races, but Terran is certainly my weakest of the three.

I have thought for some time though, that Terran is the strongest of the races in the Late Game.

Because of Ravens, Ghosts, Orbitals, & PF's.  In Late Game and End Game situations, as the map get mined out, mana using units become  stronger, since you can trade mana for enemy units.

PF's are nice because they don't count vs food cap, and though not many people do it, making pairs of them close together (touching even), so they can support each other, makes it much harder for enemy to snipe a base.

Not to mention, they have to actually kill both PF's then to stop mining completely, and with mass Ravens, you can afford to leave a couple of auto turrets up as a defensive measure, they last for a long time.

I like the Raven play, but I think Happy's unit comp was less than ideal.

Adding a few Banshees or BC's, or a mix of both, with all those Ravens would have been a lot more effective IMO than trying to rely completely on Ravens.

PDD is really strong vs Zerg, especially when combined with BC or Banshee, since it block Hydras, Mutas, Corrupters, Spores, and Queen's air attack.  With enough PDD's a Zerg would have to use Fungal + Infested Terran to shoot BC's or Banshees.

And HSM's from the Raven's one shot Infestors & Infested Terrans, with splash, and having a couple BC's or a few Banshee's will let you reserve more Raven energy for HSM or PDD as needed, instead of having to spam auto Turrets for defense.

I also really like Ghosts with Nukes for Late Game & End Game, because Cloaked Ghosts with Nukes are a serious threat, and by using a few of those, your going to force your enemy into making more detection and anti Ghost units and structures.

They have no way of knowing how many Ghosts and Nukes your going to make.

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