Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mechanical USB Keyboard that switches via Bluetooth to Smartphone or Tablet, & maybe Laptops?

Update/correction 7/31/12 Thanks to anonymous poster comment.

The Matias One Keyboard (Standard $99) is a dome switch keyboard, I thought at that price it would be mechanical.

The Matias Tactile One Keyboard ($199) is the mechanical keyboard, the mechanical one is not yet available, but the dome switch keyboard is currently available.


Last year I was looking for a keyboard that would let me switch between desktop and laptop at home, so I didn't have to use little keyboard on my 13" ASUS lapptop when I was at home.

Nothing existed that I could find.

So I was pretty excited when I stumbled across the Matias One Keyboard, available in both PC & Mac versions, it is marketed at iPhone users, but it works via Bluetooth and will work with Android, Blackberry, etc smartphones, I think it would work with Laptops that support Bluetooth Keyboards as well.

It should certainly work with an iPad.

Note it doesn't charge your smartphone, but does provide a dock/cradle to hold it on the keyboard.

The Matias One Keyboard is a dome switch keyboard, but the will have a mechanical keyboard with the Bluetooth switch, that will be called the Matias Tactile One, that will use Alphs keys and not the Cherry, I am not a keybaord expert, but from what I understand Alphs are good, and Alphs vs Cherry is pretty much a Honda vs Toyota difference.

Fanboys will argue one is better, but in reality it is more a question of slight tradeoffs AFAIK.

I have a Das keyboard that I love, wish I would have spent the money on a Das years ago, they are worth it for people that spend a lot of time gaming or working on a computer.

But I am putting this Matias One Keyboard Matias Tactile One on wish list to get for my girlfriend, she spends all day working on computer, but she also has an iPad and we are getting her an iPhone for Xmas, and this would give her a quality Mechanical keyboard that could double as full size keyboard for her iOS devices when needed/wanted.

Though I will have to test it out of course!  Quality Control.

Link here to Amazon for the Matias One Keyboard (NOTE: the Matias One keyboard that is available now is a Dome Switch model, the Mechanical Matias Tactile One is not available), I am a Amazon Associate, so I will get a small amount of money from Amazon if you buy from that link, doesn't affect the buyers price.


  1. Glad I stumbled on this article and learned about the Matias keyboards. Upon a quick research I see that the one you are speaking of in the article is the Matias Tactile One (Tactile=mechanical keys, One=ability to connect to a Bluetooth phone with ONE keyboard).

    The Matias One (the one you've linked from Amazon) is merely the non-mechanical version with the Bluetooth connectivity feature. Just want to make that clarification so no one gets confused!

    Looks like the flagship Tactile One is on pre-order and is scheduled to arrive in October, and costs $199.

  2. I have corrected & updated, thanks again for the clarification, the price point threw me.

  3. Glad to be of help! Been learning about the very limited selections of wireless (much less Bluetooth) mechanical keyboards lately. =)

    On a similar note, the KBtalking Pro which is just about to be released as well, is pretty much the only other BT mechanical KB on the market.

    Let's see, from what I understand so far the main differences are:

    1) The KBtalking Pro uses Cherry MX switches (Red or Blue) instead of Tactile One's Alps switches -- A preference issue like you mentioned.

    2) The KBT Pro allows for pairing up to 10 Bluetooth devices instead of just one at a time (so you don't need to unpair and repair every time you need to switch to another BT device).

    3) The KBT Pro can be 100% wireless and operates on 2 AA batteries, as well as be powered by USB when it is plugged in as a main KB to a PC or Mac. This is probably not meant for portability (due to being full sized and a sturdy 2.5 lbs lol), but more for around-the-house/office convenience and less wire clutter. The Tactile One seems to use USB only for main PC/Mac, and BT for connecting to a BT device like an iPhone or Android.

    3) It's got more of a traditional/professional look versus the "pretty/techy" look of the Matias Tactile one. Again, a preference issue here.

    4) The PRO goes for $169 versus the Tactile One's $199 price tag.

    Hope I didn't miss anything important. Too bad both are on pre-order so those of us wanting a BT mechanical kb still have to wait at least another couple of months.

  4. Cool, I hadn't even heard of that one, sounds interesting.

    I will Blog it shortly, if I knew your name/Twitter I would give you shout out for the heads up!