Friday, June 15, 2012

Reminder no Thundertoss Top 200 KOTH tonight, because of GESL

Thundertoss is casting & etc at GESL this weekend, so no Top 200 tonight :(

Should be back next week AFAIK.

Good news is Ascend did update the Top 200 King of the Hill replays recently, you can find them here

So you can watch Top 200 replays tonight, and everyone should follow GESL!!!!

Also Dreamhack Summer Open Sat-Mon this weekend, so much awesome SC2 this weekend, giving me Nerd Chills.

Four Days!!!!!  Wish I had my new computer allready, I can only watch 1 or 2 Streams at a time right now, have to make some real touch choices at times.  T_T

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