Sunday, June 24, 2012

Starcraft 2 Skills: Cross Training

I thought about titling this post "Learning to Learn", so you can certainly consider that an alternate or subtitle.

If you have ever studied Miyamoto Musashi's "Book of the Five Rings" (A book about real sword fighting, the strategy & philosophy of life or death sword fight) you will have read my favorite phrase in that book several times, since it is repeated often:  "From one thing, know ten thousand things."

I have usually thought of that as meaning to find as many ways as possible to use a skill or bit of knowledge.

Not only singly but also by combining skills and knowledge.

I have written several posts about Training, Practice, and Skill development for Starcraft 2 though I try to write each post in a stand alone fashion, many are best read as a collection.

This post ties in closely with these previous posts:
In those Posts linked above, I cover the importance of recovery or rest time that is needed to improve, in a way practice programs our body and mind, while the rest & recovery stage stores it in long term memory with backups, so we can use that program again.

You certainly need some time that is pure rest, like sleep, and some time that is pure relaxation, like watching TV or reading, but you can use much of your recovery time to improve other skills & abilities that are not often used in your main practice.

One skill I strongly urge people to develop and improve is reading.

WTF Cliff!

Yes reading, it develops many of the same parts of your brain that you need to remember little details for Starcraft 2 ever notice how Idra or Artosis are almost like a human wikipedia?

Or Liquidpedia to be more precise ^_^

I saw these article today in my RSS feeds

Which led to this blog post.

The first article talks about how important it is, if you want to improve, to read challenging material.

It is like riding a bike, your never going to be able to do BMX racing or extreme/technical Mountain Biking if you never took the training wheels off your bike.

All of us are limited more by our drive, focus, and knowledge than any fixed limitation.

If you doubt that, you might read this post from one of my other Blogs about Rafe Esquith,, Rafe is respected by Gandalf & Magneto (ie in real life:  Sir Ian Mckellen).

Might also think about why Samurai studied things like Calligraphy & Poetry.



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