Thursday, June 28, 2012

Holiday Show Match July 2012 Bling (P) vs qxc (T)

HSM #2:  Holiday Show Match July 2012 Bling (P) vs qxc (T)

Holiday Show Match (HSM) Independence Day 2012: Bling (P) vs qxc (T) in a Bo7

The HSM is the second event of the Holiday SC2 Showmatches sponsored by Cliff's Esports Corner & LXG's NanMan, we plan to have HSM for the holidays every year, we have at least two more planned this year.

[For all my EU, SEA, & Korean viewers going what holiday, 4th of July is a United States Holiday "Independence Day"]

If you missed the first event check out This Thread!

Big Shout Out to Nemesys for the Graphic Design on NanMan's Teamliquid Thread!

When:  July 05 2012 20:00 EDT


  • Winner $50 
  • Loser $25
VOD's:  VOD's are up at

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