Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Security & Hacking: Project Ophelia PC on USB Stick

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Not sure if this makes sense for business or not, it is intended for thin clients,  There are Pros and Cons to that approach, way real old school computers were used.

[Personally I think a dispersed mesh network of powerful but very small devices is the more likely future of computing, but that is topic for another day.]

Project Ophelia has a lot of applications for Pen Testing or Hacking though IMO. 

You might need to Hack the device a bit, but note while it is using Android to start with, they are planning on offering it with various OS's if I understand correctly.

According to some of the news articles, they are aiming at $50 price, so it would be cheap.

According to the ComputerWorld article (though not sure where they got the info, CES maybe?) specs are as follows:  "The device will run Android OS Jelly Bean, have 8GB of memory to support applications, music, video and presentations, and a microSD slot up to 32GB of storage."

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