Friday, January 11, 2013

More on Passwords & Password Keepers

 I may have mentioned Brian Kreb's password article before,, but wanted to make sure I linked to this article

He mentions three Password Keepers:  Roboform, Passwordsafe, & Keepass.

Keepass is the only one of those three I know a bit about, have a computer nerd friend that has used that for years.

It is good and free.

I am trying to provide a good selection of quality Password Keepers for people to chose from, not everyone's needs and wants are the same.

I prefer mSecure, partly because it has stronger encryption than many others, but it is also one of the most expensive consumer options.

Lot of my gamer friends though don't want to, or can't afford, to spend much on computer software.

Something to remember when using Password Keepers, is that you want to have that Data backed up VERY well.

You can use Dropbox or similar cloud storage, but you can also use Password Keepers on multiple devices (ie Smartphone, Tablet, & PC) I also like using a quality Flashdrive with hardware encryption.

I also like using written backup stored securely, I have physical items I have to keep secure, so I have ready storage for that.

I have written about Passwords & Password Keepers before, I specifically recommend reading Steve Gibson's Haystacks & Needles (Understanding Passwords) and "Lessons Learned from Cracking 2 Million LinkedIn Passwords."

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