Friday, January 18, 2013

Security & Hacking: Malware 2 Years ago USB Battery Charger Backdoor

Energizer Battery Charger Software Included Backdoor

Energizer DUO USB battery charger software allows unauthorized remote system access

This is from 2010, so certainly not new concept, I hadn't heard of this specific hack before though, & to be honest, don't think I would have expected this, before reading Brian Kreb's article on it.

Though I was aware of the Vodafone issue that some of the Energizer Duo articles/comments mentioned

To be clear, there wasn't Malware on the USB device itself, but in the software you could download from Energizer to monitor the device.

I didn't find any articles explaining how the Malware got inserted into the Energizer software, but some stories suggested it might have been in place for ~3 years.

If anyone has any more detail on this I would be interested in learning it.

Schneier also posted about it

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