Monday, August 20, 2012

Training & Health: Laptop Mount for Exercise Bike or Treadmill

I, like a lot of Nerds, spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer.   That is bad for both health and comfort in the long run.

One partial solution is to do some of our work or play from computer on a treadmill or exercise bike, youtube & link below is to a very cool Do It Yourself (DIY) setup for a laptop.

But you could also do this for keyboard and large screen TV, your not going to be able to do high level micro this way, but watching replays or streams is certainly doable.

How To:  Mount a Laptop to Your Exercise Equipment by ManMade.

Advanced Training Tip:
Stress is Stress, the body doesn't know the difference of Stress because of exercise to the Stress of Tournament competition.

So you can train for Stress of Competition, with interval exercise (ie do high or moderate intensity at intervals with slow periods between), and doing a game during easy intervals between.

Fine Motor control (things like Micro) and Thinking both drop much lower than normal under Stress.

Practicing under Stress helps with that, because you get used to it, called Habituation in Psychology, and also because you improve your performance under Stress.
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