Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nerd Gear: Laptop Guide

Ars has a good article up about buying laptops,

Won't be much for Computer Nerds, but most of their suggestions seem good, if not what I would suggest specifically, so you can point non Computer Nerd friends & family at this link to help them get started.

They didn't mention the Gaming Laptop I would be buy now if I could, we have to get gf a Macbook Air 11" before I get a gaming laptop T_T

Gaming Laptop I would get if buying one right now is ~$1,350.00 at Amazon (full disclosure: I am Amazon Associate, so if you buy from this link I will make a couple dollars, doesn't affect price) ASUS G75VW-AS71

Specs for ASUS G75VW-AS71:
  • Intel Core_i7_2.7_GHz Processor 2.3GHz
  • 16 GB DIMM RAM
  • 750GB 7200rpm Hard Drive
  • 17.3-Inch Screen, Nvidia GTX 660M 2G GDDR5
I have a buddy that is a computer nerd that has one of the older ASUS gaming machines, he has been happy with it, only complaint I remember him mentioning is that keyboard could get hot while gaming, but the current ASUS gaming machines have a much improved cooling setup from the reviews I have read, believe it even has removable cleanable Air filters, so you don't need to take it apart as often to clean out airflow path.

I have been using 13" ASUS UL30V for two years, runs SC2 on med settings fine, and I have worked it hard blogging, was running a 23" & a 15" external monitors at home for about 6 months till I got my iMac for blogging.

So I personally have confidence in ASUS laptops, ASUS was one of the brands one of my Computer Nerd buddies suggested when I told him I was looking for laptops, I have been very happy with it.

If you have any laptop suggestions or comments please post, I have found Notebook Check best place to start they also benchmark most laptop graphics cards.

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