Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TeachMeThatBuild: LiquidSheth's ZvT RoachLingBane Allin

TeachMeThatBuild is SanchoPanda's new show.

Sheth was the very first Guest for the show's launch, SanchoPanda has uploaded more than a half dozen episodes since then, including an Out Takes VOD ^_^

SanchoPanda is talking with several SC2 players, such as, Gretorp, Temp0_SC, Drewbie, Rotterdam, vVvGlon, and others for future episodes.

If SanchoPand's name sounds familiar you may have seen A Very Drewbie Christmas on his youtube channel.

Below is cut and paste from the information section of the VOD, since information section doesn't show with embedded Youtubes, bold is my added emphasis.

Episode 1: LiquidSheth shows his ZvT 2 Base RoachLingBane All In

Replay: http://drop.sc/208310

All-In Part 1: Basic Strategy of the Build

Part 2: Build Order
9 OL
15 Hatch
16 Pool
16 Extractor 
17 OL
17 2 Queens, 4 Lings, then back to drones
26/28 OL
Metaboost @100Gas
30/36 OL
41/44 Roach Warren
44/44 Extractor
44/44 3-4 OL

Around 7 minutes -- Roach Warren finishes, make 10-12 Roaches, then use rest of larva for lings.
Next 50 Gas on Baneling Nest
When Roaches Spawn, send them to enemy base with lings rallied behind.
More first group of lings into banes when they arrive at enemy base, protect with Roaches.
Attack! when banes finish morphing.

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