Monday, August 13, 2012

Great PvP: Grubby vs BabyKnight

BabyKnight(P) v Grubby(P) - Entombed Valley - 8.11.2012

Cast by Ipp from RagequitTV.

I don't Blog mirror matches much, aside from Tournaments, in general Mirror matches revolve around Micro and slight differences in build efficiency.

Those skills are important in SC2, critically important, but personally I find that aspect of the game less than satisfying, this PvP is anything but boring, so shit back and enjoy!

My comments, with spoilers, below the VOD.

Cliff's Comments with Spoilers below:

I really liked this game.

Plenty of action, and decision making clearly made a difference, as well as the use of the Warp Prism.

I have thought for some time that Protoss players don't use Warp Prisms enough, and that they don't make enough of them either.

Grubby was using 2 Prisms at a time for at least part of the game, if he could have kept the first one alive longer, the game might have gone a bit differently.

This game is best game I have seen recently, I really enjoyed it!


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