Sunday, August 26, 2012

Waterproof and Rugged Cases for iPad

Been looking for waterproof cases for girlfriend's iPad 2, she wants to be able to use it around pool or lake without worrying about it getting wet.

I can see not wanting to miss a SC2 tournament ^_^ found this site, idk how accurate their reviews are, but it is a very useful listing of several iPad cases all in one place, they also list Rugged ones in addition to just waterproof ones.

Looking to see if I can find a similar resource for Nexus 7 Tablets, though I suspect since the Nexus 7 is a lot newer, there won't be as many cases out for it yet.

If you know of any cool Nexus 7 cases please post a comment.

Edited to add; the simple Bag type waterproof cases will work with anything that fits inside them, Kindle, Nexus 7, etc.  So if you need a waterproof case for a tablet or ebook reader any of those will work, just make sure your device fits.


  1. I purchased the Proporta Beachbuoy waterproof case for my husband's Nexus 7! It is a little pricey and over the top, but it works as advertised! Did you find any decent iPad cases that are waterproof? There are so many, but finding one that works as advertised is difficult!

  2. We haven't bought one yet, but plan to sooner or later, getting my girlfriend a better phone is higher priority.

    The one she has is not very stable, a Blackberry Curve 3 G, it is purple which is a critical element for her devices ^_^

    If she would have went with Bold 9780 like me I think she would have been happy, I certainly have been, I really like the shortcut/hotkeys that Blackberry's have.

    Planning on getting her a iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 this Xmas, did find a nice waterproof iPhone 4S case, that even meets the critical purple requirement!

    Hopefully they will have a iPhone 5 version out soon, their site says they will.

    Best advice for buying cases I can give is buy from Amazon or similar company that has good return policy, and test case first!

    A paper towel or cardboard mockup of device in the case in shower and dunked in tub is a good test IMO

    If the paper/cardboard gets wet then send case back.