Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Starcraft 2 Skills: Endgame Zerg Stephano vs Polt

I have been waiting and waiting for some Pros in SC2 to start actually playing for the endgame, by endgame I mean when resources are limited or completely gone.  End games require a lot better decision making, and severely punish mistakes.

Since there are no resources left to rebuild if you mess up, like you can in the early or middle game as long as you don't over commit.

This is one of the very few games that I have seen played with an End Game focus, and the race that has, what I believe, are the stronger end game units looses the game.  My comments below the VOD, ie spoiler alert.

I am very impressed by this game, though I think Nydus and/or drop, would have made the game easier for Stephano.  Instead he uses creep for a mobility advantage over Bio/Tank army of Polk.

Also note that by the time the last battle happens Stephano has 90 drones, so his army is actually pretty small.

A lot of Zerg players in Stephano's situation vs turtleish Terran will tech switch to Broodlords, fact is Polt is expecting that since he starts making Vikings to counter Broodlords that never come.

Broodlords are very strong, but they require a very specific support unit composition to be effective. So if you have a strong Ultralisk centered army your not going to be able to support Broodlords well.

Broodlords are similar to a meching Terran, only slower!  Ideally if your going Broodlords vs Terran you need to have a strong defense vs Ghost, Vikings, and if facing a smart Terran Ravens as well (think multiple HSM).  That is what you need to be sure the Broodlords can stay alive long enough to do any damage.

For more on Broodlords specific Unit comp see this post

I really think Terran has the strongest endgame units: Medivac, Orbitals (mules/scan), Ghost, & Raven, since they all have Mana.  Magic units in SC2 have a real edge in the late game IMO.  As long as you can keep them alive they can just trade Mana for enemy structures or units/workers.

Zerg only have Queens, Infestors, and to a limited extent Overseers.  Overseers, only really useful to limited production in ZvP

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