Sunday, January 15, 2012

Starcraft 2 Business: Starcraft 2 And Esports In The Business Insider

In addition to the game itself, I am deeply interested in the business side of Starcraft 2, and Esports in general, I found this article interesting.

Particularly this: "The challenge for esports is that the pool to make money off of it is way too shallow.  But there is hope."

Not sure I agree with that, I think the problem is far more that of a brand new industry.  There isn't enough of a business history (not Gaming History) of success for businesses to look at and say "this is what we need to do" or "this is what could be improved."

But that comment probably has some truth in it, one of the reasons businesses in general fail is that there is only so much business to go around in any particular field.

I also liked some of the thoughts about differences and similarities between NFL teams and money vs Starcraft 2.

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