Friday, January 13, 2012

PSA: Email Security, Hacking, & Recovery

A very well written story by journalist James Fallows, who is not a Computer Geek

He details how his wife's gmail account was hacked, and what they went through to recover years of deleted emails from that account.

Though not a Computer Nerd, James Fallows did have some advantages over most of the rest of us, he personally knew several people at Google, including "Eric Schmidt, the company’s longtime CEO and now executive chairman."

Fallows tells his story very well, I think Computer Nerds/IT people can get a better understanding of non computer peoples thinking about IT security from this article.  Average people will have their eyes opened, and Fallows covers some of the basic things you can do to improve your security.

So if your a total Noob for Computer security you can pick up some key pointers, and more importantly start thinking about the issue.

I have been victim of identity theft twice now that I know of, once because computers from company that handled processing of student loan payments were stolen & once Credit Card number was hacked no idea how (can happen at grocery stores or gas pump now days).

So I identified strongly with this story, I have also been working hard on improving my knowledge and skills for computer and ID security.

Stay Safe,


Edited to add:  resources for backing up Gmail or Yahoo email

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