Monday, January 9, 2012

Nerd News: SOPA thoughts BitTorrent vs Netflix

As my regular readers know I am a big fan of ars, and perhaps even bigger fan of the comments section of ars, they cover a lot of Nerd News, and I have learned a lot from reading them.

Today I read an ars article that covers an arguement I have heard before, that a lot of Pirating is because it is hard to buy legit products, I think that vastly oversimplifies the issue.  But there is some truth to the argument.

I know from book industry that Baen publishing, one of the first if not the first Book Publisher of any size to do Ebooks has been very successful with their plan.

Baen has never used DRM, heck in certain Hardcover books every year they include a CD with a whole bunch of free Ebooks.  They even offer a free Ebook library
I found the ars article worth reading, they actually provided some numbers on Netflix vs BitTorrent and others

And as always the comment section was worth reading

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