Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nerd News: Got my Das keyboard today, learned difference between Professional & Ultimate

The Ultimate has blank keys.

Just heads up for others like me that didn't know that.


I bought from Amazon and didn't see that in description, not big issue for me, except for when I need to do some blog stuff, like certain types of editing & etc.  Because I don't have my hands on the home row then.

Oddly enough looking down at the keyboard helps then, maybe pattern recognition or something?

The Das keyboard is a huge improvement though over the cheap one for my hands, lot easier on my fingers, and I have hand/finger problems.

Pretty sure after a few days to get used to the key layout will be able to do more with less pain than I could with old cheap keyboards.




  1. The one thing i've learned from owning that keyboard, is to make sure you check for the indicators on the F and J keys. First thing i feel for when i put my hands on the keyboard now.

  2. Yeah that helps, main problem is when I am doing editing stuff in blog, need to cut and paste & etc can't keep my hands there for all of that stuff.

    Not a big deal, and I am sure I could return/exchange it, if there are keys I need marked after a week there are few ways to do that if I have to.

    Don't want to though.

    I really like it though, already typing easier than I was on old keyboard ^_^

  3. I came across your post and wanted you to share my experience with the Das Keyboard Ultimate. I touch type and on my first day at Das Keyboard was shown to a desk with an ultimate. It's kind of a joke they play on everyone and I refused to use it because I was scared of not having key labels.

    I eventually decided to trade out my professional and try it since several co-workers swore it improved their typing speed and I wouldn't have a problem due to my touch typing skills. I printed up a keyboard layout and everything, prepared to have a difficult transition.

    I never used the keyboard layout. It wasn't as bad as I thought. The most difficulty I've had has been with passwords. I will sometimes copy and paste them if I keep mis-typing. But, it doesn't happen. And since I started, I've really picked up on where all the symbols are and don't have the problems I always envisioned in my head.

    I do know we have a 30-day guarantee and if it's a crazy problem, contact us to trade it out. I personally ended up getting one for home use and love it. Especially because no one else will type on it!

  4. Yeah passwords are the worst, & some editing functions for blogging, because I am not used to touch typing for those keys.

    It is still lot better than my old cheap keyboard, I don't want to have to return this one and have to use the old keyboard at all.

    We will probably get two more Das Silents when we can afford them, one for me and one for gf, get the Professionals & keep the Ultimate as spare.

    My girlfriend likes it a lot to, she is going to see if her boss can get her a Das for work, she works in IT department so he might be able to, otherwise we might get her one for work as well.

    I can tell the difference in my hands already, lot less pain for me and faster typing with the Das than the cheap keyboards I was used to, I have RSI & Arthritis issues in my hands.

    This is only day 2 with it, I am sure that by end of week 2 I will hardly think about it.