Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nerd News: Firefox ditching 3.6 this April

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This really annoys me, I like a lot of features that Firefox offers.

But they really changed some of the core elements of the UI with all the versions after 3.6 and I will start looking at other browsers to use because of this, probably end up with Chrome, even though there are things I really don't like about it.

Chrome will be more user friendly for my blogging, among some other key features.

From several reports I have seen over the years, users of Firefox tended to update to current version at much higher % and much faster than most of the other main browsers.  That changed with Firefox 4, but Mozilla doesn't seem to care, or even ask why that changed.

I know the majority of my readers use Firefox, any thoughts or comments from you?

I'll note that Chrome is in a very close 2nd place to Firefox for my readers, I'm betting that is going to change this year, and Chrome will be way ahead of Firefox.

Also Firefox + Chrome = 68% of my readers.  Maybe someone from Firefox will read this, and respond.

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