Monday, January 2, 2012

HwangSin vs RAZERxEi

Finally found a VOD with HwangSin!  <3 HwangSin

Thanks to Husky for casting this replay.  My comments below the VOD (spoiler alert).

Though I have never seen this Zerg player before, unless this is a smurf account, I really liked the Ling drop play!

Early Ling drop play is something I have been suggesting to Zerg players I coach, it is very strong, since Zerglings have about same DPS as Marines if upgrades are equal (ie +1 attack for Zergling give 8.6 DPS vs stim Marine 10.5 DPS), without Stim Zerg actually has a slightly higher DPS of 7.2 vs Marines 7.0 DPS.

Also without Combat Shield a Marine will drop to 35 HP from base 45 HP with Stim.

So normally when Marines are dropped they have Stim + Combat Shield= 2 upgrades, so Zerg with +2 Attack will have 10 DPS vs Marine with Stim + CS having 10.5 DPS when stimmed or 7 otherwise.

And lings are literally half the cost of Marines. Also worth noting is that Medivacs are the same cost as Mutas at 100 mineral/100 gas, while Overlords only cost 100 minerals.

Ling drops early in the game work very well to pin the enemy in their Base(s), if they push out with their Army the lings can destroy them, as happened here.

Adding Banelings (as done in this game), Roaches, or Hydras allows Zerg to deal with pretty much everything. Add 6ish Corrupters (6 Corrupters 2 shot Medivacs) vs Terran, or 8ish vs Protoss will get through the middle game.

Remember corruption from Corrupters adds 20% to the damage/DPS so even 10-12 lings vs Colossus or Thor that has been corrupted will kill it pretty quick.

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