Sunday, January 1, 2012

Diablo 3 Beta VOD: Introduction, Walkthrough, & FAQ

The Holiday Season is a little slow for Starcraft 2, so I am using this time to showcase some other games.  Don't worry, there is a bunch of Starcraft 2 goodness planned for the New Year, I am also working on a few new projects, so stay tuned.

NanMan is a SC2 Caster, he has cast at least 2 TL Opens and big week long series of all Pro Showmatches, among many other events, and games.

This series of VOD's covers all of Act I, all that is included in the Diablo 3 Beta.  Note this was streamed live, and NanMan was answering questions from Chat & etc.

I really have to limit myself on how many games I buy, or I would NEVER get anything else done.  Diablo 2 & Starcraft Brood War are the games that consumed my life until Starcraft 2 came out, I think Diablo 3 is going to replace Diablo 2 for me, just like SC2 did to BW.

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