Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Security & Hacking: USB Stick Pen Tool that emulates Keyboard


 I find this hardware very interesting, I wonder if they got the idea from Yubikey?


Not mentioned in the PC Pro article, but rather in the Yubikey link, it mentions that even USB ports that are shut down to USB flashdrives will run Yubikey, since it looks like a Keyboard to the computer.

I suspect this USB stick hack would work in the same situations, were USB ports are locked down to USB flashdrives, the computer would see a keyboard.

So the hack would still work.

Giving you remote access.

Think Social Engineering attacks, or working as part of cleaning crew, would allow easy placement of device like this.

 Speaking of Cleaning Crew or Custodians, how many companies care enough about security to pay good wages to keep good, vetted, in house custodians vs using a contractor?

Or even if they use in house custodians, still tends to be a low pay, low status job, with a lot of turnover, and generally low standards for hire.

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