Thursday, December 6, 2012

HOTS Beta Patch Balance Update #8

I don't have have HOTS, and though I have watched as many pros playing HOTS as possible, still haven't seen enough games to have deep or strong conclusions.

Some random thoughts:
  • I like the Dark Shrine price change, but then I have always been a fan of DT's.
  • The medivac speed boost might be useful for drops.
  • Reaper tweaks look interesting.
  • Based on Reaper & Medivac tweaks, looks like they want more harassment from Terran.
  • Mutas really buffed for GM level players IMO, with good technique, think they will be able to serious damage with Muta cloud without taking losses.
  • Wish I had Beta so I could test new Voidray vs Marines, it might be better vs Marines a little (ie in small numbers), but looks to me like they have Nerfed Voidray so much there is really nothing you could use them for anymore.  Unless the tweak makes them perform in game like a baby BC?  They have lost their ability to win vs any other Air unit.

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