Friday, December 7, 2012

Nerd News: Archos Gamepad (Android tablet) now available

On sale in EU at least.

Archos company website

Full Tech Specs

Key specs from Tech Specs link:

Display • 7’’: 1024x600 capacitive 5 points multitouch screen
Application Framework • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Processor • ARM CORTEXTM dual-core A9 @ 1.6GHz
• GPU quad-core Mali 400 MP
• 3D OpenGL (ES 2.0)
Capacity • Flash: 8GB + microSD Slot (SDHC up to 32GB)

Looks real interesting.

Key feature is that you can map the controls easily & quickly

If I understand correctly, it is a full Android Tablet, with game controls as part of the hardware.

Since I might have to wait till January to get my Christmas present for myself (Galaxy Note 2), I think I will give this a close look.

Might decide to stay with phone I have a bit longer, and get something like this instead.

I don't like touch screens much, much prefer optical trackpad my Blackberry Bold has, or good stylus setup like the Galaxy Note 2 and Microsoft Surface Pro (Jan 2013 release date) have.

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