Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nerd Gear: "Sub-Zero Weather: Can Your Smartphone Stand The Cold?"

Came across this interesting article, while doing some research, my gf is planning on biking to work all winter, ordering studded tires for her Bike this week, and she was wondering about taking her work laptop back and forth that way when it is really cold.

Told her condensation would probably be biggest problem most days she felt like biking in the winter vs taking car.

Seems like that is probably the case, as long as you let device warm to room temperature before using.

I know I have used Feature Phones (aka Dumb Phones) in the past when it was very cold, approaching -40 Fahrenheit/Celsius (-40 is same in either system).

The phone was in my coat or pants pocket, always worked when I needed it to, but I was in and out of the car, so not sure how cold the phone really got then.

Was delivering News Papers on weekend one Fall/Winter, mainly rural and one small town, also burned out tranny in my car with that job busting snowdrifts over the hood of my car! 

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