Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Security & Hacking: "Microsoft confirms compromise of “high-profile” Xbox Live accounts"

Source & full story at :

"We are aware that a group of attackers are using several stringed social engineering techniques to compromise the accounts of a handful of high-profile Xbox LIVE accounts held by current and former Microsoft employees," Microsoft officials said in a statement sent to Ars. "We are actively working with law enforcement and other affected companies to disable this current method of attack and prevent its further use."

This ties in with Brian Kreb's recent blog post, were he details what he has learned so far about person(s) that SWATted him.

Oddly those people appear to have been involved in the hack or social engineering attack against Mat Honan, which Honan wrote about and a later more polished article (link is good, but you may need to refresh sometimes to get it to work)

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