Monday, March 25, 2013

Has Yahoo been hacked again? Lot of users getting "Suspicious activity was detected on your account"

Update 2/26/2013

Found this news story today,

So it does sound like Yahoo having problems with hackers, but they don't want to admit it?

Yahoo's Twitter doesn't seem to contain any useful information (nothing you can't find in under a minute with basic Google search).

Lot of Yahoo email users are getting "Suspicious activity was detected on your account" message when they try to send email.

I have Yahoo accounts, as well as Google accounts, and I have been seeing that message for two days now.

Some related recent complaints:

Funny thing is when I tried to send a report to Yahoo again today, like I did yesterday, the report failed, couldn't be sent.  LOL

Pretty sure that isn't because of problems on my machine, I am fully patched, use a long random password, run AV, test router security, etc.

Makes me think either they have been hacked, again, or they have some significant bug somewhere in their software.

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