Saturday, March 9, 2013

Arma 2 & Arma 3 System Requirements

One of my goals with this Blog, is to make Gaming & Computer/Cyber Security information easier to find. Eventually I hope to have a Wiki section to improve that aspect, till then best way to find information is just use regular Google with Cliff's Esport Corner + search term.

Important note for Arma 2, it is a simulator more than a normal FPS game, 15 FPS is supposed to be playable (per their FAQ), and 30+ FPS is supposed to be good.

Also two great resources from the Arma 2 thread linked below:

Arma 2 System Requirements

Thread discussing Arma 2 System Requirements, has been around for years, so early part of thread is bit dated, but means most newer systems should work fine,

Arma 2 testing of Hyperthreading impact, or lack, on performance

Arma 3 System Requirement Note HD 4000 (the integrated graphics in Ultrabooks, Macbook Airs & similar) is listed at bottom of Minimum GPU but the CPU minimum of Intel dual core 2.4 GHz/Athlon Dual core 2.5 GHz rules out most if not all of those machines.

But the 13" Macbook Pro with Retina display would meet minimum requirements (running Win 7 in Bootcamp).

Thread on Arma 3 System Requirements, not as good as I would like,

Free Arma 3 Alpha invites see (Note they won't be available till 3/14/2013)!

Main forum for Bohemia Interactive

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