Monday, February 4, 2013

Security & Hacking: UPnP update

First, Steve Gibson's ShieldsUP now has UPnP scan in it!  Big thanks to Steve for getting this out so fast!!

Steve Tweeted
GRC'S new UPnP Exposure Test is NOW ONLINE. Goto Choose "ShieldsUP!"... and you can't miss it. is direct link, above is twitter shortened link to same url, ShieldsUP is large image with link on that page.

Easy & simple to do, not complicated to use, if you can click a mouse you can use it.

According to this Tweet from Steve, OpenWRT is vulnerable as well,
UPnP: I'm checking returned data, but NO IP addresses. I've seen that a Roku is exposed, and so is OpenWRT (and lots of other stuff!)

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