Monday, February 11, 2013

Nerd Gear: Microsoft Surface Pro Insights

After reading Paul Thurrott's Going Pro: Thinking About Performance article, I came across this in the Comments section from another reader:

saqrkh on Feb 10, 2013
After having used the Surface Pro now for 36 hours, I think it will shine most in an office/work-setting for most people. At work we carry our laptops around for meetings, presentations, to our colleagues and bosses for feedback on work, etc.
Being much lighter and capable (touch and digitizer/inking) the Surface Pro is a superb alternative to the traditional laptop for each of those functions. Even the sub-par battery life would be a non-issue since we always come back to our desks.
Unfortunately, the battery life on this thing isn't good enough to make it a professional's best friend. That said, for the here and now, it's a great partner to have with you whilst in the office.

I have mentioned before, I am real interested in the Surface Pro, but after reading Anatech's article,, decided I will wait until Haswell before considering it, but saqrkh's comment above really resonated with me.

That is very close to the use case I was looking at from the Blackberry Playbook.

The Playbook was a real disappointment for me, like the hardware, but it seemed more like an Alpha than Beta product.

I had been looking at it as device that would tightly pair with my Blackberry Bold, for me personally I hate carrying laptops or even tablets around if I can avoid it, I already carry a lot of other gear.

So I tend to use smartphone 4-5 hours every day for things most people use Tablets or even Notebooks for, but a larger screen and keyboard will speed things up if you need to do a lot of writing or data entry, also allows one to be involved in a meeting far more than if your squinting at a small screen.

After the success of the Galaxy Note, and the Note 2, I know I am not the only one that feels that way. The Galaxy Note will replace my Blackberry Bold & much of what I wanted to do with the Blackberry Playbook.

Hopefully with Haswell the Surface Pro, or perhaps a Lenovo or ASUS tablet, will solve problems and use cases that the Galaxy Note 2 doesn't.

Otherwise I will still have to lug around a laptop, or what usually happens to me, limp along with my phone, since those situations tend to arise unexpectedly.

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