Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nerd News: Flash Update

YMMV but Firefox wasn't showing that I needed to update Flash yet, and this isn't the first time this has happened to me, perhaps they only update that once or twice a day or something?

Anyway, there is a new version of Flash out, and to avoided getting Hacked you should update/patch Flash if you use it.

This page will show you in a little box on right near top what version of Flash your running if you don't have it disabled.

It will even show the Chrome (Pepper Based) version of Flash.  Though you shouldn't have to worry about patching Chrome's version this way.

Below that little box, is a bigger box showing most recent versions of Flash for all OS & Browser combinations, so you can easily see if your running most current version or not.

You can download current version from here

For Chrome, all you need to do to check, is click the Chrome Menu/three bar button, then click About Google Chrome, that will trigger update for Chrome.

Note I generally include full links so people can Google links easily, just highlight and right click "search Google for", instead of just clicking if they have any doubt about link being legit.

I do skip full links sometimes when they are just to long IMO, or I am using several in a row with text, where I feel the confusion factor vs transparency ratio gets out of whack.

You can also use siteadvisor or WOT to check links.,, is also a very useful tool, it will unshorten URL from Twitter or whatever, so you can see real target without having to go to site.

I tend to use siteadvisor, which is a McAfee service, don't like their AV but do like siteadvisor, I tend to use WOT for things not on siteadvisor or for "gray" sites.

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